For issues relating to setting up, subscribing to, or handling mouseenter events.


A mouseover is an event that occurs on an element when the user moves the cursor over that element

Time better use


"The mouseenter event is usually a better choice than mouseover"

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JQuery - how to use the hover() event on a list of DIVs?

"Use mouseenter not mouseover;unlike the mouseenter event the mouseover event triggers if a mouse pointer enters any child elements as well as the selected element"

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Add / remove a class, a time interval for all child elements when you hover on parent

"Also note that the mouseover event will be triggered every time the user move the mouse over the button;mouseenter is more apropriate in this case"

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Anime-js hover animation flashing when moving too fast



In this particular case it makes little difference but in other situations mouseover can lead to unexpected outcomes whereas mouseenter is somewhat more predictable

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How can I add/remove class on a second element with vanilla JS?

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