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MPICH is a freely available, portable implementation of MPI, the Standard for message-passing libraries.


Open MPI is an open source implementation of the Message Passing Interface, a library for distributed memory parallel programming.



From my experience one good feature that openmpi supports but mpich does not is process affinity;for example in openmpi using -npersocket you can set the number of ranks launched on each socket

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While openmpi supports more connection protocols there is an infiniband-enabled version of mpich called mvapich

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What is difference between Hydra and Torque and what is better: MPICH2 or OpenMPI

It seems openmpi has better support for assigning ranks than mpich but setting up slurm and mpich wasn t trivial due to the cluster setup so i m hesitant to start over with openmpi

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MPICH/SLURM assign host rank

Openmpi has only recently supported mpi-3 and i find that some mpi-3 features are buggy on some platforms mpich is not bug-free of course but bugs in mpi-3 features have been far less common;historically openmpi has not had holistic support for mpi_thread_multiple which is critical for some applications

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The fault tolerance in openmpi is kind of experimental one of the ompi developers namely jeff squyres visits stack overflow from time to time - he could give a more definitive answer and has to be explicitly enabled at library build time with an option like;by default mpich also cannot handle such situations

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MPI error handler not getting called when exception occurs

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