Microsoft .NET Unit Testing Framework (MSTest)


NUnit is an open source unit testing framework for .NET and Silverlight written in C#

Suspect loading delays

Quality Example

"Nonetheless i tried to compare the sum of all test speeds and in some cases nunit is faster and in other cases mstest is faster"

from question "How much faster is NUnit compared to MSTest"

"Thus i suspect when people say that nunit is much faster than mstest it is because of the loading and updating delays but the actual test execution time appears to be very similar"

from question "How much faster is NUnit compared to MSTest"

Slower faster

Quality Example

"Nunit is faster as compared to mstest"

from question "Visual Studio 2013 MSTest vs NUnit"


"From my experience mstest is much slower than nunit"

from question "Comparison performance Nunit vs MsTest"


Quality Example

"For example nunit offers more assert methods than mstest"

from question "Are there real differences between NUnit and Microsoft's Unit Testing Framework (VS 2008)?"


"The best disables all instrumentation that mstest does so it makes mstest blazing fast - much faster than nunit for example"

from question "Discovering tests and launching the MSTest runner is taking too long"


"Nunit has better support for parameterized tests than mstest"

from question "Moving away from Pex and Moles in VS 2012?"

"Various people told me to go with nunit since it s better than mstest apparently i have no idea and it also has very good support in resharper which i m using"

from question "How can I create NUnit tests with ReSharper?"

"If you have a full version of visual studio 2008 rather than the express edition it integrates the inbuilt mstest much better than nunit does and cruise control also supports mstest"

from question "Free Application Lifecycle Management Tools for .NET Development"

Simpler framework

"Sriwantha mstest is a simpler framework than nunit"

from question "Visual Studio 2012 MSTest vs NUnit pros and cons"

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