MyISAM is a non-transactional storage engine for MySQL


TokuDB is a storage engine for MySQL that is designed for high performance on write-intensive workloads while providing high compression and schema flexibility.

Slower disk usage


"At the beginning the insert performance of innodb is almost 50 times slower than myisam and tokudb is 40 times slower than myisam"

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Why TokuDB and InnoDB insert is so slow compared to MyISAM

"From my personal use i experienced about 5 - 10 times less disk usage due to tokudb s compression and it s much much faster than myisam or innodb"

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Storage engine for large amounts of constantly inserted data which should be available instantly



Most of other options listed in your screenshot are either special-purpose storage engines which are not suitable for general use memory example federated archive csv and blackhole or are not available in standard builds of mysql most of the rest inifinidb brighthouse and tokudb;the lone exception is myisam which is an older mysql storage engine which does not support transactions is more prone to corruption and generally tends to perform worse than innodb

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What MySQL storage engine i should on MMO/Multiplayer game?

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