MySQL is a free, open source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that uses Structured Query Language (SQL)


PostgreSQL is an open-source, object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) available for all major platforms including Linux, UNIX, Windows and OS X

Robust powerful free

Quality Example
More robust

"There is also postgresql its a bit more robust than mysql and is free just the same"

from question "Software design problem"

"I hear postgresql is more robust and doesn t crash like mysql does in these situations"

from question "Order by RAND( ) on a HUGE table causes it to crash in MySQL. Why?"

More powerful

"I cannot propose any db not knowing your specific needs but if you want to use a free software which excludes oracle and you re not already experienced with mysql you should try postgresql which is more powerful than mysql"

from question "Database (and ORM) choice for an small-medium size .NET Application"

More mature

"Postgresql will always be a little bit more mature than mysql"

from question "Erlang: Mnesia or Mysql?"

Much more mature

"I feel postgresql is much more mature and robust than mysql"

from question "Why does Heroku use Postgresql?"

Stricter error sql

Quality Example
More resistant

"The question is is mysql somehow more resistant than postgresql to sql injection attack under the perl dbi and why might this be the case"

from question "Is MySQL more resistant to SQL injection attack than PostgreSQL (under Perl/DBI)?"


"But in mysql it is ok and in postgresql it is wrong and ask for the other fields besides site_id either in a group by clause or in a aggregation function i know that postgresql is stricter on sql than mysql so i must select the site_id in the query object of msg_published but in pure sqlalchemy i can do like this"

from question "How to let flask-sqlalchemy's query object select columns ( or say fields )?"

Implementation less

"I totally understand the error and assume that the mysql implementation is less sql conform than the postgresql implementation"

from question "Eliminate duplicate rows in a PostgreSQL SELECT statement"

More permissive

"Mysql is more permissive and allows the non-standard use of distinct but postgresql throws an error"

from question "Postgresql error with Rails 3 using order("RANDOM()")"

Worse timings mariadb

Quality Example

"I just checked the timings using mysql 5 and they are slightly worse than postgresql"

from question "Why are SQL aggregate functions so much slower than Python and Java (or Poor Man's OLAP)"

Popular web instagram

Quality Example
More popular

"Though mysql is more popular than postgresql but instagram is using postgresql maybe due to these reasons"

from question "Why does Heroku use Postgresql?"

"It s a shame postgresql isn t more popular than mysql since it supports exactly this feature out-of-the-box you d only have to share one sequence object between tables."

from question "Sharing auto_increment `id` and table relations"


"While postgresql is less popular than mysql most of the serious web hosting supports it"

from question "Python/Django and HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery on PostgreSQL/Apache?"

Compliant comfortable looks

Quality Example

"Postgresql is more sql compliant than mysql"

from question "PostgreSQL GROUP BY different from MySQL?"

More compliant

"Looks like postgresql is a little more compliant than mysql so try this instead"

from question "Select distinct returns nil (globalize3)"

"Postgresql is more compliant but if you re comfortable with mysql and you re using an orm you should probably use that"

from question "Database (and ORM) choice for an small-medium size .NET Application"

Easier features tendency

Quality Example

"However people often argue that postgresql is cleaner and easier to use that mysql"

from question "Ideal Rails Server"

Specifically easier

"Postgresql specifically has gotten easier to manage while mysql has lost some of the simplicity that gave it an advantage without picking up enough features that really matter"

from question "Increase JOIN Query response time by combining tables"

More logical

"You might look at postgresql as i find it a bit easier to manage and maintain as i feel some aspects are more logical than mysql"

from question "Which should I use for working with a large amount of data, MySQL or SQLite?"


"Mysql is more widely supported and a little easier to use but postgresql has some very cool features and functionality that s worth taking a gander at"

from question "Design of the recommendation engine database?"

More advanced

"However postgresql s sql features are far more advanced than mysql s and mysql has a tendency to silently ignore things you tell it to do - especially in a default installation and if you rely on a foreign key to be created that might be a very unpleasant surprise"

from question "PostgreSQL or mySQL best for daily log website?"

Better data unicode

Quality Example

"Postgresql is faster than mysql s innodb"

from question "What is the best DBMS for the job?"

Better option

"Is postgresql a better option than mysql for partitioning tables by date"

from question "Rails 3: Would PostgreSQL be a better fit than MySQL for partitioning tables?"

"In your case postgresql may be a better option than mysql because your query is going to likely be against secondary indexes"

from question "Proper database design for Big Data"


"In other words is mysql better or worse than postgresql to handle unicode etc"

from question "Which database and language is better at handling Unicode?"

Much better

"The only reason i was considering postgresql was that some research suggested postgresql has much better support for changing schemas along the way than mysql"

from question "If using South, does it even matter what the underlying database is?"

"Then postgresql is much better than mysql"

from question "MySQL or PostgreSQL for Hibernate + JPA2 project"

"Postgresql is much better suited for data warehousing compared to mysql"

from question "Postgresql for OLAP"

"Some say mysql is much better for bigger projects while others think just go with postgresql"

from question "Sqlite3 vs Postgres vs Mysql - Rails"

Better choice

"I was told that postgresql is a better choice than mysql for displaying hierarchical data so i installed postgresql and i m ready to go"

from question "Count descendants in hierarchical query"

Much better performance

"Postgresql gets much better performance and this is coming from a former mysql partisan"

from question "Framework/Language for new web 2.0 sites (2008 and 2009)"


"Postgresql supports recursive queries in the form of recursive common table expressions which make querying heirarchical data easier than in mysql and also give better performance"

from question "MySQL - Best method to handle this hierarchical data?"


"Postgresql has better support but the support by mysql depends on the used storage engine"

from question "PostgreSQL or mySQL best for daily log website?"

"The other question is that what i am hearing from our group leader is that postgresql is better than mysql when working with coordinates"

from question "How is PostgreSQL different from MySQL?"

"In my cases postgresql was better than mysql mysql do not completely support unicode"

from question "Which database and language is better at handling Unicode?"

"Postgresql is better than mysql in many ways"

from question "Why does Heroku use Postgresql?"

"I d also recommend postgresql over mysql if you are going to have nested comments as postgresql does hierarchical querying better than mysql"

from question "Comments as normal nodes in database"

"I really like postgresql s indexes which are far better than mysql s"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"

"Postgresql is way better than mysql in nearly every respect"

from question "Set up a dedicated rails production server"

"Is postgresql better than mysql for such purpose"

from question "Database design for heavy timed data logging"

"And a wiki for why postgresql is better than mysql"

from question "Why does django community encourage the use of Postgres over Mysql?"

"Postgresql seem to better than mysql in terms of speed"

from question "Set up Django DiscoverRunner to always recreate database on testing with radish"

"Generally speaking i find postgresql lends itself to 24 7 operations better than mysql"

from question "Why does Heroku use Postgresql?"

"If you need spatial data capabilities postgis with postgresql is better than mysql"

from question "Comparing Database Platforms"

"Some people were saying that postgresql is better for security purposes whereas mysql is becoming more feature rich."

from question "What is the best DBMS for the job?"

"I just recently switched databases to postgresql which has given me a slew of problems although i must admit i like it a lot better than mysql"

from question "Rails Console not loading? y (Errno::ENOENT)"

"With correct locking for safety reasons and heavy concurrent use postgresql performed better than mysql"

from question "Migrating from MySQL to PostgreSQL"

"Honestly though postgresql scales much better than mysql"

from question "MySQL or SQL Server better for an Enterprise application?"

Better large reputation

Quality Example

"Mysql s version is apparently marginally faster than postgresql but lacks some of the more advanced spatial features therefore it s pretty much limited to finding records that match a certain range of coordinates"

from question "PHP and MySQL to design map search site"

"According to my own experience postgresql run much faster than mysql especially handling big tables 1.4 gb lineitem table in my case"

from question "Why it is much slower to use mysql to add primary key onto tables than postgres?"


"For these ultra simple queries postgresql can be slower than mysql - postgresql has richer planner that works better on more complex queries but on trivial queries is slower"

from question "PostgreSQL vs MySQL simple query performance"

Much more

"Postgresql is much more complete and solid and will much better support complex queries and their optimization while mysql may shine in terms of retrieval speed for extremely simple queries"

from question "Which is better platform for large scale database"


"And postgresql has fewer experienced administrators than the big databases and mysql which i believe contributes to the reputation"

from question "Why is PostgreSQL Harder to Manage/Maintain then other Databases"


"The query optimizer in postgresql is more advanced than in mysql and copes with complicated statements much better especially when it comes to sub-selects"

from question "MySQL or PostgreSQL for Hibernate + JPA2 project"

Better db

"Anyways mysql is bad and on longterm especially if you are enough good for java i suggest you to use some better db with postgresql you were really satisfied i think"

from question "Order By Before Group By in JPA Spring Repository"


"Given postgresql s reputation for doing things better than mysql or at least as good as i daresay that postgresql would demonstrate similar performance if properly used"

from question "Is it better to filter a resultset using a WHERE clause or using application code?"

"If you want to use sql i strongly reccommend postgresql it seems to deal with large databases and frequent writes a lot better than mysql"

from question "Setup for high volume of database writing"

More tricks

"In general postgresql knows more tricks for how to optimize complicated queries than the mysql optimizer does but it also relies heavily on your having given the optimizer enough data to work with"

from question "Speed of IN keyword in MySQL/PostgreSQL"

Table ancedotal servers

Quality Example
More flexible indexing

"Not only does postgresql have a far more flexible indexing than mysql but the table approaches are very different also meaning the appropriate indexing strategies are as different as the tactics are"

from question "MySQL Postgresql / PostGIS"

Slower select tuning

Quality Example

"Mysql i am told can be optimized to do faster reads than postgresql but both are pretty ridiculously fast in terms of # transactions sec they support and it doesn t sound like that s your problem"

from question "Which db should i select if performance of postgres is low"


"Do you find rails with postgresql is slower than mysql knowing that it produce more query on the background"

from question "Ruby on rails active-record generated SQL on Postgres"

"Postgresql is already slower than mysql up to a certain point it is actually faster when you have a ridiculously large database"

from question "Why is PostgreSQL so slow on Windows?"

"In most regards postgresql is slower than mysql especially when it comes to fine tuning in the end"

from question "MySQL vs PostgreSQL for Web Applications"

"I did a simple performance test and i noticed postgresql is slower than mysql"

from question "PostgreSQL vs MySQL simple query performance"

"I ve found that postgresql is in my expirience is slower as mysql"

from question "Which database should I use for home project use?"

"Unfortunately in postgresql select count is often slower than mysql to which it often get s compared to"

from question "Index to get row count of read-only (immutable) PostgreSQL table?"

"In my personal openion mysql is slower than postgresql and mongo db"

from question "Can we use mysql with node.js"

Fewer security issues

Quality Example
Fewer surprises

"I would recommend postgresql for a beginner as it has far fewer surprises than mysql"

from question "For a beginner, is there much difference between MySQL and PostgreSQL"


"I d have said that postgresql is more security aware than mysql supporting roles more authentication methods ... but that the database itself has generally a very limited impact on the security of an application"

from question "PostgreSQL's Security Compared to MySQL, etc"


Quality Example

"Some recent tests we did showed that postgresql does perform faster than mysql and we believe the table partitioning feature in postgresql will be very important with a table in our database we foresee to grow into 100 million rows and more in production"

from question "(Fluent)NHibernate and PostgreSQL 9"

"I wonder why postgresql s single insert statement is completely faster than mysql s when autocommit is turned on"

from question "Why postgresql's single insert statement is faster than mysql?"


"Ps you can also migrate to postgresql it s smarter than mysql when choosing right indexes"

from question "Mysql select - improve performances"

More standard

"For example pyqt is already available for python 3 as well as 2 and you can use postgresql a splendid open-source sql database engine much more standard than mysql via py-postgresql"

from question "Will Python 3 ever catch on?"

Better handling

"I also personally believe that postgresql has better handling of complex queries that include sub-selects and the like which most mysql users used to avoid"

from question "Migrating MySQL to PostgreSQL - what features not visible in SQL code will be important?"

Safer bet

"If i were able to upgrade the server s versioning of mysql to 5.5 would innodb be a safer bet than postgresql"

from question "CakePHP Database - MyISAM, InnoDB, or Postgresql"

Higher pdo

"Drupal 7 mysql 5.0.15 or higher with pdo postgresql 8.3 or higher"

from question "How to make Drupal work without PDO"

Much more

"Postgresql is much more similar to oracle than mysql is"

from question "Migration from Oracle to MySQL or PostgreSQL"

Much faster

"With django it is easy to use postgresql instead of mysql so i tried it with the same query and same data in db postgresql is much faster that mysql x10 more faster while using inner join analyse shows it uses indexes unlike mysql"

from question "Slow MySQL "INNER JOIN""

More mature

"I know postgresql could be considered more mature than mysql with regards to locking thanks to mvcc - can i use row-locking or some other feature in postgresql instead of the token field"

from question "Concurrent processes working on a PostgreSQL table"


"Postgresql is older than mysql so it might have influenced them"

from question "Why the \G in SELECT * FROM table_name\G?"

More reliable

"As for reliability i think that postgresql is more reliable especially when compared to mysql using myisam - innodb is a lot better here"

from question "MySQL or PostgreSQL for Hibernate + JPA2 project"

Less time

"May be postgresql takes less time than mysql"

from question "Select takes long time. How to solve this problem?"

More sane

"Since postgresql is a lot more sane than mysql there are not that many tricks to report on"

from question "Hidden Features of PostgreSQL"

Way more

"Explain in postgresql is way more useful than in mysql"

from question "Are the consistency/data loss/query optimization issues I read about "that bad"?"

Larger user

"While mysql has a larger user base postgresql is gaining more an more popularity ever since implementing several crucial features that were missing in earlier versions"

from question "What are the open source tools and techniques to build a complete data warehouse platform?"


"Following the first answer it appears that postgresql is more compliant to sql standard than mysql so it needs a group by clause for each selected column you want to display with your aggregated function"

from question "How to sum through multiple has_many associations?"

"Postgresql has more established support for this but mysql has played catch up in the last year or so and has a working method of this in the latest versions"

from question "PHP and MySQL to design map search site"

"If you are looking for location based queries in relational databases postgresql is more matured compared to mysql"

from question "Query a location database based on the user's current location"

"Does that mean perhaps rails team favor postgresql slightly more than mysql"

from question "Can Ruby on Rails 3 work with MySQL on Windows 7?"

"I had mentioned that in our rails application all select queries dropped below 100ms after switching to postgresql whereas some of the complex joins generated by activerecord would occasionally take as much as 15s or more with mysql 5.1 because of nested loops with inner table scans even when indices were available"

from question "MySQL not using indexes with WHERE IN clause?"

"Postgresql supports some more security features than mysql for example integration with gssapi or kerberos for logins last i checked mysql didn t have these"

from question "PgSQL or mySQL is more secure?"

"Poor performance from mysql has more to do with it not being smart and automatically creating an optimized plan like sql server postgresql or oracle would"

from question "UNION SELECT MySQL query, do math and display in PHP"

More forgiving

"It seems mysql is more forgiving with this than postgresql but in every case you use a reserved word you should escape it"

from question "Exception(AbstractPostgreSQLDriver->convertException) in Doctrine is for insertion of data in postgresql (Using symfony)"

Much smarter

"If you want open source postgresql is much smarter than mysql as well"

from question "Optimising MySQL queries across hierarchical data"


"This is a weak point that iirc postgresql can handle better but with mysql you have to work around that by reverting the changes yourself in case of rollbacks"

from question "SQL batch update - rollback on "CREATE TABLE"?"

"In fact this presentation which still refers to an older incomplete version of mysql s opengis support suggests that with proper indexing some mysql geospatial actions may actually perform better than postgresql postgis though i m sure that s up for debate"

from question "Import OpenStreetMap-Data (OSM-File) to a MySQL-Database / SQL-File"

"Postgresql with the optional hstore module might be better than mysql at this."

from question "How to properly query a normalized database"

"Fyi postgresql scales better than mysql on multi-processor overlapping requests from a review i was reading a few months back sorry no link"

from question "Upper Limit for Number of Rows In Open Source Databases?"

More advanced

"Postgresql is worth learning and much more advanced than mysql"

from question "Rake aborted! no such file to load -- pg (Creating postgre database in rails )"

Performance probably better

"As i said postgresql is far superior and i hate mucking with mysql s bizarre bugs and i think that overall postgresql performance is probably better than mysql for any even slightly complicated query"

from question "Choosing the right database: MySQL vs. Everything else"

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