Neo4j is an open-source graph database (GDB) well suited to connected data


OrientDB is a multi-Model, Open Source, NoSQL, DBMS that combines the power of graphs and the flexibility of documents into one scalable, high-performance operational database.

Ti faster depth

Quality Example

"I found that orientdb is too slow at least much slower than neo4j even on relatively small 150k datasets when searching records by text pattern despite the presence of indices"

from question "Why OrientDB doesn't use indexes for searching with "LIKE" operator?"


"Using orientdb that is supposed ti be faster than neo4j for depth i m seeing a slow performance"

from question "Orientdb slow performance for depth 3"


Quality Example
Result way longer

"As you can see the neo4j result is way longer then the one from orientdb"

from question "Lucene in Neo4j has some misbehaviours in terms of reliable search querys - compared to OrientDB"


"Orientdb looks more fancy and advanced but not as popular as neo4j and is not supported on heroku"

from question "Difference between Rexster and Neo4j"


"The number of requests orientdb could serve is consistently 3 to 5 times lower than neo4j"

from question "OrientDB vs Neo4j, simple stress test"


"I read in some blog that orientdb performs at least as good if not better than neo4j while also offering more complex types like mongodb would"

from question "Is there any reason not to use OrientDB?"

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