The Natural Language Toolkit is a Python library for computational linguistics.


Scikit-learn is a machine-learning library for Python that provides simple and efficient tools for data analysis and data mining, with a focus on machine learning


Quality Example
Less memory

"If you are worried about memory then do look into scikit-learn since equivalent models can use significantly less memory than nltk"

from question "NLTK on a production web application"

Directly more details

"Or scikit-learn directly .for more details nltk 3.0 documentation"

from question "NLTK SVM Classifier Terminates"

Much better

"What you re looking for is linear regression and scikit-learn is much better than nltk for this see"

from question "NLTK: Document Classification with numeric score instead of labels"

Nicer output

"The nltk library includes a confusion matrix that is simple to use and produces a nicer output than scikit-learn"

from question "Python tabulating confusion matrix"

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