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NP-Complete refers to the hardest known problems within the complexity class NP


NP-hard problems (Non-deterministic Polynomial-time hard problems) are those problems which are not easier than any problem in NP; in other words, an algorithm for an NP-hard problem can be used to solve any problem in NP by transforming the input in polynomial time



If there exists a np-hard problem that is not in np to the best of my knowledge no such problem has been proved to fall in this category at this moment of time such problem is harder than np-complete problems

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NP-Complete VS NP-Hard

As i understand it an np-hard problem is not harder than an np-complete problem

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What are the differences between NP, NP-Complete and NP-Hard?

Unfortunately there is little hope to find an algorithm which is much better than brute-force considering that the problem is actually np-hard but not even np-complete;a proof of np-hardness of this problem is that the minimum vertex cover problem well known to be np-hard and not np-complete is easily reducible to it

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Dependency Algorithm - find a minimum set of packages to install

The decision variant asks whether there is such a subset of size k and is np-complete making the optimization variant np-hard;the sets here are always exactly 4 elements which is still np-hard it wouldn t be if the sets had exactly 2 elements which is an easy problem

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Optimized solution to find distinct squares of 2X2 in a matrix of 0s and 1s

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