A Listener Object that reacts to 'click' events triggered from an input device, such as a Mouse


OnItemClickListener is an Android listener that can be registered on subclasses of AdapterView to receive click events on their child views.

Common if viewholder


"But the better choice would be to set items non focusable and use onitemclicklistener or make them focusable and use an onclicklistener on the views;also the onclicklistener should not be set for the listview"

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Add your own listener to a list

"Also it s more common to use onitemclicklistener for a listview;if you use a viewholder for your listview then onclicklistener is better"

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CheckBox checked/unchecked state changes on scroll listview BaseAdapter



If you still would love to manage onclicklistener i will tell why onitemclicklistener is much better than onclicklistener

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Android setOnItemClickListener vs setOnClickListener

Is using onclicklistener in arrayadapter worse than onitemclicklistener

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