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Pandas is a Python library for data manipulation and analysis, e.g


A Python library for working with extremely large hierarchical (HDF5) datasets.



Pytables seems more flexible but i am unclear about what the most direct way of using it to save a full pandas dataframe with multiindex and all

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* (no title is found for this review)

Since functionality provided by pandas is not needed and the processing is much slower see notebook below the best approach is using pytables or h5py directly;i ve tried only the pytables approach so far

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Python particles simulator: out-of-core processing

The complication of course is that it looks like you are using pytables via pandas and not raw hdf5;pytables is hdf5 but adds a layer of structure and semantics on top of hdf5 s groups and datasets

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How to aggregate multiple hdf5 files into a one image

I don t have enough karma to reply to luke h s answer but reading it into pandas might not be a good idea;pandas hdf5 uses pytables which is an opinionated way of using hdf5

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Data in HDF file using Python missing

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