Passenger is an application server for Rack, Node.js, and WSGI applications that can be run standalone or as an Apache or Nginx module.


Webrick is a zero-configuration HTTP server stack chiefly used as the web server for the Ruby on Rails framework development and test environments.

Likely popular specific


"Passenger is likely the most popular choice for production now due to its easy configuration speed and features;if there is a specific use case for webrick that makes it better than any of the other server choices i d love to know"

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Webrick Fails to Run as Daemon, no Error Message

"Also i use standalone passenger as my integration test server rather than webrick since standalone passenger handles more realistic serving of static files"

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Rails App Not Serving Assets in Production Environment



realized that i had switched to using passenger as my web server from a singled threaded process webrick webserver;passenger has more than one process running on the same dyno and apparently the same dyno sends a callback url with a port number in the request

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Error in Facebook Connect with Devise on Rails

Mongrel is still a valid option but passenger mod_rails is far more popular;you can try to use webrick which comes as a standard with rails

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Should I give up on deploying Rails under Windows?

Phusion passenger is the de facto apache mod and yes it s better than webrick which is really only good for tiny sites or testing

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What is the best software to host a ruby on rails application on production?

Phusion passenger is a full fledged rails server;when it is used webrick is not involved

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Phusion Passenger v. WEBrick

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