Perforce is a commercial, proprietary, centralized revision control system.


Use this tag for questions about SVN (Subversion), a centralized open-source revision control system distributed under the Apache License.

Network checkout faster

Quality Example

"Perforce is soooo much faster than svn because all the check-outs are stored on the server so it doesn t have to check every file on an update"

from question "Perforce for a Subversion user?"


"Make sure you re using a source control system that supports branching and merging i ve had experience with perforce and svn and while perforce is better svn is free"

from question "How do I simultaneously work on version 1.1 and version 2.0?"

Much better

"Svn works much better when disconnected from the network - with perforce you have to tell the server when you ve done a checkout"

from question "Perforce for a Subversion user?"


Quality Example
More comfortable

"Perforce does have support for many other oses but our non-windows devs feel more comfortable with svn too"

from question "Perforce in a Microsoft Shop"

Much nicer

"If you have the money ericgorr is right perforce is much nicer to work with then svn"

from question "Which Source Code Management System Suits My Needs Best? Git or SVN? How do you diff excel spreadsheets?"

More advanced

"Perforce offers more advanced branching and merging capabilities than svn"

from question "Choosing a source control system: logical next steps after VSS"

Less examples

"If you want to a little bit further you can imagine use more powerfull scm clearcase perforce ... but maven integration is fewer not well documented and community provide less examples than svn or git"

from question "Multi-component versioning/building best practices"

More intuitive

"If anything i find working with svn easier and more intuitive than perforce"

from question "Perforce in a Microsoft Shop"

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