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The HTML5 placeholder attribute specifies a short hint that describes the expected value of an input field (e.g


Required is an HTML attribute of an input element that forces that the input be supplied.



That is our quite simple bind object would not fit into the small buffer and would required operator new to be stored;if the bind object above would use a compressed_pair a compressed_pair can actually reduce a compressed_pair size to 8 bytes or 4 bytes for non-member function pointer often because the placeholder is nothing more than an empty object

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What is std::pair?

In such a case passing by value may no required actually passing anything at all -- the value that s passed is basically little or nothing more than a placeholder for this is the object

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Why function objects should be pass-by-value

As for ability to remove right side - it works in the original version but to remove left side there is required a placeholder which takes up less space because all the elements are floated and page would collapse otherwise

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CSS layout for "2 columns + em-width separator in the middle"

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