PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is an image file format designed to store raster graphics


TIFF (originally standing for Tagged Image File Format) is a file format for storing images.

Approach smaller compression

Quality Example
Approach smaller

"The resulting file from this png approach is smaller in size than a tiff file and i guess may rescale better"

from question "Creating Crisp or sharp graphics with R for importing into PowerPoint"


"The resulting png compression may produce a file size larger than your tiff compression"

from question "ImageMagick - Smaller resized image is a much larger file size"


"Tiff â any bit depth any compression lossy or lossless everything including the kitchen sink â and no better than png"

from question "Where can I find a good introduction to bitmaps"


Quality Example

"Jpg or png should get you smaller than tiff"

from question "VB.NET - Image compression"

Much more

"Today png is much more popular than tiff so if you re writing files outside of your own data store png would be a more common choice and you d need to work through nsimagerep to get there"

from question "Best practice of storing and retrieving an NSImage in binary"

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