PrimeFaces is a JSF (Java Server Faces) component library that ships with a large set of rich components which utilizes jQuery and jQuery UI under the covers


RichFaces was a component library for JSF and an advanced framework for easily integrating AJAX capabilities into business applications


Quality Example
More developed

"Richfaces is more developed and tested generally since primefaces came out later than rf"

from question "RichFaces Vs PrimeFaces (for performance)"


"I haven t tried any of these in a jsf 2 application but i would recommend using the primefaces one at least the documentation is better than richfaces"

from question "How do I detect a render event in a form using JSF?"

More components

"Primefaces has more components but lack combobox available in richfaces"

from question "RichFaces Vs PrimeFaces (for performance)"

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