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`printf` is a common function for formatted output


The C standard library function, "strcpy()," is used to copy non-overlapping, null-terminated strings



Be also very careful with printf strcpy strcat .

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C - Enter dead loop after trying to read line by line of a file and lines might contain space character?

Printf is more robust if you want to format your string;if you only want to concatenate use strncpy don t use strcpy since it s more efficient

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Snprintf vs. strcpy (etc.) in C

I also recommend using printf rather than sequences of strcpy and strcat printf msg user s r n user

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FTP Server strange response when trying to login

The latter might look like this you can use strcpy and strcat instead if you prefer but in this particular case i think printf is clearer and cleaner

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How to properly pass file path with from the command line?

At first glance it must be significantly faster because strcpy must be significantly faster than printf

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Sprintf vs strcpy - use more memory and fast copy or almost no memory and slow copy?

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