In distributed version control, pull or fetch is the action of transferring remote changes into a local repository.


In distributed version control, push is the action of sending local changes to a remote repository.

Scalable starters

Quality Example

"I have found that pull is more scalable than push"

from question "Server Push vs Server pull in IIS"

Far more

"Why do you think that push is far more scalable then pull for starters"

from question "ATOM for messaging service for "enterprise""

Message processing rebus

Quality Example
Better rebus

"If in-order processing is required a much better design would be to use another message processing library that supports a pull model which i think would fit your scenario much better than rebus push model"

from question "Strategy for messages that must be delivered in order in Rebus"

Model definitely easier

"A heartbeat mechanism pull model is definitely easier to implement but a push model is far more efficient"

from question "Javascript auto update page?"

Performance subscriptions wan

Quality Example
Model less

"I guess one of them is that the push model is less coupled then the pull model"

from question "Push, pull mechanism observer pattern"


"Is the performance of pull better than push in this scenario"

from question "How to pull data in the Map/Reduce functions?"

"The reason the pull model works better than the push model in this case is as follow"

from question "How can I get notifications from my TFS server, when a work item is changed?"

"How are push notification better than pull notification on iphones"

from question "Push vs. pull notification on iphone"

"Pull subscriptions perform much better than push subscriptions in a wan scenario"

from question "SQL Server 2008 Replication - Fixed Overhead of Replication?"


Quality Example

"Alone push is better in the accepted answer can t quite work as a push-operation in some class can require a new pull at the pushed object"

from question "Data Pull vs. Push OOP Approach"

Safer force

"Tortoise now has an option push new branch that may be safer than force pull or push"

from question "Why can't I push this change to my 'main' mercurial repository?"

Request more features

"I create new branch add those new features and than i once again made pull request but now the features i implemented in the master branch are also in my new branch so my second pull request has more features than i want to push to the original project"

from question "Git: made commits to my master branch i opened pull request and now can't implement new features"

Higher throughput

"Push models have higher throughput than pull models"

from question "Can JMS messaging be replaced by a polling Webservice call?"


"I guess i m just surprised that the documentation recommends the approach of querying presumably continually in my case versus keeping a tailable cursor open i would have thought that push would be cheaper than pull"

from question "Polling MongoDb on Indexed Field vs Tailable Cursor"

More idiomatic

"There is a certain irony here given that within xslt push stylesheets are generally more idiomatic than pull stylesheets"

from question "Why does processing a parent element's template prevent the processing of child element templates?"

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