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Pyenv lets you switch between multiple versions of Python


Virtualenv is a tool that creates sandboxed Python environments.



Python versions you install using pyenv go into it directory by default pyenv root is .pyenv so are more global than virtualenv

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What is the relationship between virtualenv and pyenv?

Pyenv is for installing and managing different versions of python so you might not need it;this way your virtualenv is more robost and easier to get up and running if you move it around or share it with others

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Is there anyway to save Google colab environment to somewhere and reuse it?

And by the way python doc recommends using virtualenv because pyenv was deprecated

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Powershell does not show the virtualenv id or name?

Or you can just install python from source to somewhere under your home dir -- but pyenv makes it easy to switch to that installation and back.;a virtualenv doesn t have a full python installation

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Activate virtualenv from a system running a different python version

I would highly recommend using pyenv to manage multiple verions of python and pyenv makes switching between they really easy both locally and globally and use pyenv in combination with a virtualenv per project you are working on

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Cleaning up and managing Python versions on MacOSX

I have created a 2.7.11 virtualenv using pyenv and installed python2-pygame with pacman;with my virtualenv activated i couldn t import pygame from python

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Pygame import error in pyenv 2.7.11 on Arch Linux

You can remove pyenv and install latest version of virtualenv and ask virtualenv to create the env for you by this command;if you re using the latest version of virtualenv --no-site-packages isn t necessary anymore

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Pyvenv-3.4 pip freeze showing multiple packages in new environment

Pyenv operates on a wider scale than virtualenv - it holds a register of python installations and can be used to install new ones and allows you to configure which version of python to run when you use the python command

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What is the relationship between virtualenv and pyenv?

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