A QGraphicsScene is a class from the Qt toolkit that provides a surface for managing a large number of 2D graphical items.


A QGraphicsView is a class from the Qt toolkit which provides a widget for displaying the contents of a QGraphicsScene.

Default necessary scroll


"If i set a pixmap to a qgraphicsscene that is larger that the window it will add scrollbars so is it possible to get what is displayed in the qgraphicsview"

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Getting the visible area of a QGraphicsScene in QGraphicsView

"By default when you scale a qgraphicsscene larger than the qgraphicsview in which it is displayed it will show the necessary scroll bars"

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How to resize a QGraphicsView after QGraphicsView::Scale



I have done a similar thing to use a qgraphicsscene qgraphicsview to display items in a model;despite it s name qgraphicsview isn t part of the model view framework so i implemented a custom view class which drew the model data on the qgraphicsscene

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Beginning Qt Model / View with Nested Object Collections

Generaly qgraphicsscene better using with connection qgraphicsview

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Understanding QGraphicsScene in Qt

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