QPlainTextEdit is class in QtGui module which provides a widget that is used to edit and display plain text.


QTextEdit is a class from the Qt Toolkit which provides a widget that is used to edit and display both plain and rich text

Text widget features


"If you want to display your file as plain text the widget qplaintextedit is better then qtextedit"

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How to use Qt to read a file and display it quickly?

"It uses most of the features of qtextedit but with a vastly better performance;using qplaintextedit is better than using qlabel for displaying large text documents as the former has many more capabilities and features for customization and formatting"

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QLabel vs QTextEdit, to show long text. Which is faster?



I have tried connecting the qscrollbars but the maximum of the qplaintextedit is smaller than the qtextedit s

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Pyside scroll two qtextedits simultaneously

You should give qplaintextedit a try;it uses the same technology as qtextedit but is a lot faster

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How to fast append to QTextEdit

As implied in the comments modifying the qtextedit to a qplaintextedit fixed the issue;qtextedit is not designed for handling very large paragraphs which is effectively what i was creating

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Python hanging in a loop

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