A quadtree is a geometric data structure for storing points in two-dimensional space


R-Tree is a popular index structure for spatial data, stored as Minimum Bounding Rectangles (MBRs).

Indexes window queries

Quality Example

"R-tree are substantially faster than quadtree for window queries like inside contains covers etc"

from question "R-Tree and Quadtree Comparison"

"R-tree are much faster than quadtree for nearest neighbours queries"

from question "R-Tree and Quadtree Comparison"

"Quadtree indexes are created faster than r-tree"

from question "R-Tree and Quadtree Comparison"


Quality Example
Some better perfomance

"You can also try a quadtree it has some better perfomance over a r-tree"

from question "Optimizing search through large list of lat/long coords to find match"


"I use quadtree more than r-tree and find them super flexible"

from question "Spatial index with sum and count for C++"

More specifically

"On the other hand the wikipedia article on r-tree seems more specifically targeted towards mapping than the k-d tree or quadtree"

from question "What spatial indexing algorithm should I use?"

Simpler data

"A quadtree is a simpler data structure than the r-tree"

from question "Find nearest edge in graph"

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