Quicksort is a sorting algorithm invented by C


Timsort is a sorting algorithm invented by Tim Peters, designed to take advantage of partial ordering in data

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"You can take a look at timsort which for non completely random data performs better than quicksort they have the same asymptotic complexity but timsort has lower constants"

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How to optimize quicksort

"It is faster than mergesort but it still slower than quicksort because quicksort has fewer data movements on random data quicksort requires o log n extra space while timsort requires o n to provide stability which also leads to an overhead"

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Why is Collections.sort() much slower than Arrays.sort()?



Java s array .sort is from about java 6 actually timsort the fastest general purpose #sort out there much better than quicksort in many situations

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Fast sort by date of huge file ArrayList

I ve read that timsort is better than quicksort both in the best and the worst case although it uses a bit more memory

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Why does .Net use Quicksort instead of Timsort?

If that is so you might find that timsort runs faster than quicksort

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Efficient way to merge key value lists from character arrays

If it is true then timsort will always take less comparison than quicksort because on real life data there is some pattern except data is truly random

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How can Timsort beat the O(n log n) sorting bound in some cases?

Introsort and timsort have both an o nlogn complexity in average and on worst cases which makes introsort and timsort better than quicksort in the particular cases where quicksort is in o n 2

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Most effective way of sorting arrya

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