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RAR is a proprietary archive file format that supports data compression, error recovery, and file spanning.


ZIP is a format for compressed file archives, allowing packaging of multiple files and directories into a single file.



By the way i would suggest creating rar self-extracting archives instead of zip self-extracting archives as with rar compression the exe file with the right switches for best compression using additionally also solid archive options could be much smaller than with zip compression

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How can I automate the building of this Winrar Sfx File

Rar not so much;zip is easy

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Unraring/unzipping a file using python+django

I ve heard that rar decompression requires much more memory than zip decompression

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Minimum memory for RAR decompression

One reason to use rar it is sooooo much better than zip

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How to compress text file to rar format using java program

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