Redmine is a flexible project management web application


Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects

Multiple projects box

Quality Example

"Redmine handles multiple projects and sub-projects right out of the box and overall seems nicer than trac"

from question "Ticketing/tracking system with Subversion integration?"

"Redmine handles multiple projects and sub projects far nicer than trac"

from question "Which one? Agilo+Trac+SVN or Redmine+RedmineBacklogs+SVN"

Better easier wound

Quality Example

"The authors of redmine are trying to create a better trac than trac"

from question "Bugzilla or Mantis?"

"We found redmine to be a better than trac simply because it is easier to use"

from question "Bug tracking for legacy physics models"

"Redmine was written to be a better trac than trac"

from question "Looking for SVN and bug tracker recommendations"

"I wound up going with redmine and it s way better than trac"

from question "ClueMapper for multiple project tracking"


Quality Example

"For next projects i m going to try redmine seems more clean and hipe than trac"

from question "Which SCM and Issue tracker for personal work?"

"I understand redmine is more of a trac clone but retrospectiva seem to support agile methodologies via a nice plugin"

from question "Redmine vs. Retrospectiva"

"We ve recently switched from trac to redmine where i work and i think i like it a little more than trac and use the wiki functionality almost everyday"

from question "Code snippet library for a team"

More complete

"I d recommend redmine like the other posters as it is more complete than trac"

from question "Redmine or Tracd to use for project management?"


"Redmine is an open source ruby on rails application that supports multiple projects much better than trac and seems to be much easier to administer"

from question "Visual Studio Team System switching opinions"

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