ROBOCOPY.exe - "Robust File Copy" is a Windows command line file & directory replication utility published by Microsoft.


Xcopy is a Windows command to copy all files, directories, and subdirectories from a specified path to a target directory


Quality Example

"Xcopy will not be better than robocopy at this"

from question "Does Robocopy clones C drive (Operating System drive) completely"

"Also robocopy is better than xcopy"

from question "Windows script for copying modified files"


Quality Example
More powerful tool

"If your batch file only needs to run on windows vista or later you can use robocopy instead which is an even more powerful tool than xcopy and is now built into the operating system"

from question "Batch/bat to copy folder and content at once"

Command more

"The robocopy command provides a more intelligent exclusion feature switches xd and xf than xcopy does which you could use for your task"

from question "Ignore patterns in batch files"

Much more powerful

"Use robocopy it s much more powerful than xcopy"

from question "How to copy all files with given suffix to similar directory tree preserving paths?"

More options

"You might want look at robocopy as it has many more options than xcopy"

from question "Msbuild PostBuildEvents copy if newer"

More robust

"I have solved it in the past very successfully using robocopy it s much more robust than xcopy"

from question "More Efficient Way To Copy Data To Many Servers"


"That would theoretically cut the time in half but it seems that robocopy is much faster than xcopy at least for this use so it took way less time"

from question "Using robocopy instead of xcopy in batch file loop"

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