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SciPy is an open source library of algorithms and mathematical tools for the Python programming language.


SymPy is an open source Python library for symbolic mathematics.



If this equation was not a polynomial i d recommend using scipy s solvers like fsolve instead of sympy;sympy is not the right tool to find the numeric solution of an equation full of floating point coefficients

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Analytic intersection between two cubic expressions

Scipy does not know that;sympy is a library for symbolic math operations such as derivatives

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Derivative of manipulated spline

Mystic depends on numpy and will use scipy if it is installed however scipy is not required;mystic utilizes sympy to handle symbolic constraints but it s also not required for optimization in general

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Quadratic Program (QP) Solver that only depends on NumPy/SciPy?

If you are talking about symbolic differentiation then as far as i know numpy and scipy do not provide this you already noticed how to calculate derivative at the point;so it looks like sympy is your only option

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Numpy/ Scipy exact derivative?

First of all if it was not for the relative complexity of the expressions here scipy would have been definitely the better option over sympy

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Sympy library solve to an unknown variable

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