Screen is a display, or a monitor


This refers to tablet personal computers

Size resolution contrast

Quality Example
Size reasonable bigger

"Having different ones based upon screens size is reasonable bigger margins on tablet though the mix then would be something like res values dimens.xml and res values-sw720dp values.xml"

from question "What order does Android read values folders?"

Higher actual

"By contrast a nexus 7 tablet has higher actual screens resolution than an ipad mini but it reports to your web page a smaller screens size"

from question "Absolute sizing using CSS"

Size smaller

"Basically my layout has 1200px grid width but i figured that there will be a problem with 1024px screens resolution 20 of the population bla bla so i created media queries when the screens size is smaller than 1199px the grid to change its width to 960px and so on for tablet phones etc.."

from question "Horizontal scroll IE8 screen size below 1200px width"

Higher resolution

"I can t use screens size because of devices like galaxy note with huge screens and some phones have higher resolution than some tablet same with dpi i think"

from question "Reliable way to check if the device is a phone, tablet, or set-top box"

Available space fonts

Quality Example

"A tablet offers more screens space than a phone"

from question "Android emulator Nexus 5x loads wrong drawable size?"

More room

"It simply comes down to the space available a tablet gives more room to developers thus allowing developers to put more on one screens"

from question "How many Activities vs Fragments?"

Simply more

"You will also notice that the fonts are not scaling as the 7 tablet simply has more screens space available vs the 4 phone"

from question "Android Normal-hdpi to Large-hdpi design help needed"

Green background yellow

Quality Example

"This tablet has a bigger screens yet is still showing only 2 child views in the row"

from question "How to configure button size so that layout looks the same on both old device as well as new device?"

"If the screens is bigger than 1024px it should be green my tablet screens is but the background stays yellow"

from question "Why won't media query work on mobile and tablet"

Smaller mobile desktop

Quality Example

"I have been working on this page that works fine in desktop devices and tablet but not on phones because the width of the page is more than the screens width i need to make this width responsive to have the page with height-only scroll"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"


"My aim is to use a bootstrap 3 dropdown to display links at mobile screens size and use a list to display the same links when the screens is bigger desktop and tablet size"

from question "How to expand a Bootstrap 3 dropdown when viewing on desktop?"

Often lower

"This is because that tablet often has a lower density of screens pixels"

from question "What's the difference between an android phone and an Android tablet?"


"I know that obviously a tablet has a higher screens resolution than a phone because it has more pixels dots on the screens from what ive been reading tablet also have a higher dpi dots per inch than phones as well"

from question "How to tell the difference between dpis on tablet and phone?"

"Screens resolution i.e higher than tablet i.e col-md and col-lg in bootstrap language should only cover 11 grid with offset of 1"

from question "Center menu items in navbar responsive"

More centimeter

"They are for example too big in a phone and too small in a tableth because the screens of tablet has more centimeter than the pone screens"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"

Size smaller

"For example when the screens size becomes smaller to a tablet or mobile you could do this as an example"

from question "Html layout messed up when i zoom in or out"

Width smaller

"This will only be added if the screens width is smaller than 480px else the tablet version would show the mobile version"

from question "Viewport meta-tag on S3 not working"


"On a tablet or phone which may have less than 750px screens width it will go off the viewport"

from question "Making a modal responsive"

"The issue is that the phone screens height in landscape mode is likely much less than a tablet or pc"

from question "New visualstate in [template10]"

Much smaller

"The screens is much smaller so you can not present your app the same way as you can on a tablet"

from question "Why using Fragments?"

"However the number of people using these giant tablet is much smaller than the number of people with small screens laptops"

from question "Detect support for background-attachment: fixed?"

Always smaller

"That hopefully explains why a typical 320dp phone screens is always smaller than a 720dp tablet screens although the smaller screens can have more pixel than the larger"

from question "Declaring Tablet Layouts for Android 3.2 - mild confusion"


"Twitter desktop accomodates screensizes from around 1048px wide when you are on a screens that is smaller then that you are probably on a tablet or smartphone and if you open twitter from a browser on your phone you are instantly redirected to and prompted to download the twitter app"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"

"Based on my understanding i hope that is because the size of the tablet screens which is smaller than the desktop that makes the strokes to get hidden inside the area that was not visible on the tablet however the area is visible in desktop"

from question "WPF Inkcanvas cann't be seen after saving"

"Splitactionbar works only on phones because the screens size is much smaller than tablet and it takes space at the bottom for extra space for your action items"

from question "ActionBarSherlock Bottom Menu - Tablet"

"This only happens when the window is on a computer in full screens mode but when the screens is made smaller to a phone tablet size the divs function how they should"

from question "HTML nested div outside of parent div"

"What i would like to do is use css media queries to have the title be above the tabs when the screens gets smaller or on a tablet or iphone"

from question "How do I position one element under another element using css media queries"

"Inside the container i have a panel with the text set to left but when the screens gets smaller then a tablet to something like a phone i want the text in the panel to center"

from question "Aligning text to center if screen is smaller then 768px"


"You could make your css mobile-first meaning that all properties are optimized for mobile then as the screens gets wider you apply tablet and desktop optimized css for elements"

from question "Override CSS using Media queries struggle"

"When viewed on a screens wider than a tablet to be responsive according to the smaller screens size like this"

from question "Making Div Width Responsive"

Width larger

"In my actual code i ve set the display to none if the screens width is larger than tablet size because that s the only time i feel like i need the button"

from question "Positioning button inside leaflet layer control"


Quality Example
Larger standard

"In fact when a tablet has a larger than standard screens size the tablet with detachable keyboards available these days mobile versions of the site can look over-optimised for space which is the reason why browsers allow tablet users to opt to display sites in desktop mode"

from question "What is the difference between a Mobile and a Desktop device?"

Diagonal greater

"To determine device is tablet or mobile i use criteria if device s screens diagonal is greater than 7 iches the device is tablet"

from question "A proper way to determine Tablet / Mobile in Qt"

Less full

"As an example my android tablet s stock video player app has a feature that allows it to be less than full screens"

from question "How do I remove the white space around my html forms?"

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