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In HTML DOM, the selectedIndex property sets or returns the index of the selected option in a dropdown list


Selecteditem is a property used to identify the currently selected item in a collection



When the user selects something the selectedindex is set directly invalidating it and changing it which causes the selecteditem to become invalid;however the selecteditem is not explicitly changed until it is recomputed

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JavaFX TableView not triggering selection callbacks

After debugging when the field is added back to the list of fields it still retains the previous selecteditem value - and then the combobox s selectedindex is immediately set to -1;preventing this in the setter for formfield.selectedoperator and by trying selecteditem selectedindex doesn t help

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Default SelectedItem for a WPF ComboBox inside a DataTemplate used in an ItemsControl not working

I ve found that setting the selecteditem is more reliable than setting the selectedindex

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Setting ComboBox.DroppedDown = false resets selected item

The symptoms of the bug are that selectionchanged doesn t fire selectedindex selecteditem aren t reliable and that back navigation into a page with panorama resets the panorama selected item;for example the following code sample will never fire the messagebox and selectedindex selecteditem won t indicate the correct expected values

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Windows Phone 8 Panorama SelectionChanged & Databinding

Things like selectedindex are specific to the way the data is shown in the ui if you change the sort order of a datagrid then the selectedindex can change even though the selecteditem is still the same;in this particular case the selecteditem can be bound to the viewmodel but the selectedindex shouldn t

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Why to avoid the codebehind in WPF MVVM pattern?

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