A skip list is a probabilistic data structure for storing and retrieving sorted data.


A tree is a widely-used data structure that emulates a hierarchical tree-like structure with a set of linked nodes.

Balanced search better


"So as you can see the random binary search tree was rather a lot better than the skip-lists"

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.net collection for fast insert/delete

"I do not know of a .net implementation but a data structure that might work for you is an indexible skip-lists;a .net implementation but a data structure that might work for you has similar o lg n performance like a balanced binary tree but is conceptually more like a linked list"

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Logarithmic time C# list



Nd i used a skip-lists to implement my std map;the reason i went with my std map is because it is a simple algorithm which is very close to the performance of a balanced tree but has much simpler iteration capabilities

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Skip Lists -- ever used them?

In 1989 or 1990 as a student i implemented both it was not a good implementation of the skip-lists i must admit i was a novice in that time;however the avl tree was not anymore difficult to implement

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Skip lists, are they really performing as good as Pugh paper claim?

Another idea would be a skip-lists where the skips are annotated with the number of elements they skip;but this implementation is not trivial since you have to update the skip length of each skip above an element that is inserted or deleted so adjusting a binary search tree is less hassle imho

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Is there any data structure in C++ STL for performing insertion, searching and retrieval of kth element in log(n)?

In a single thread world is different you can use a sorted set a binary tree or your custom data structure that would perform better than concurrent skip-lists

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Java: what is the overhead of using ConcurrentSkipList* when no concurrency is needed?

The rebalance operation can affect large portions of the tree which would require a mutex lock on many of the tree nodes;inserting a node into a skip-lists is far more localized only nodes directly linked to the affected node need to be locked

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Skip List vs. Binary Search Tree

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