Smarty is a templating engine for PHP


Twig is a modern, fast, flexible, and secure templating engine for PHP

Experience functionality syntax


"If your in the market for a templating engine twig a new templating engine used by symfony is much better than smarty imho"

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Shortening code

"Either way i intend to use smarty partly because i have lots of experience with it and partly because its much more well documented and has much more functionality than blade and to me the syntax is slightly cleaner than twig although the template engine is not the point of this question really"

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Laravel performance overheads



If you use twig which i like better than smarty - although i still prefer self-restraint+plain php most ide s that support django templating should work with it since the syntax is nearly the same

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Free or cheap IDE with syntax support for Smarty or similar template system

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