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SPDY is an experimental protocol for multiplexing multiple, concurrent streams (typically HTTP request/response streams) over a single TCP connection.


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an obsolete cryptographic protocol superseded by Transport Layer Security (TLS) that provides secure communications over the Internet



Well if you re willing to buy an ssl certificate or already have one i would recommend using spdy an ssl certificate s available in the nginx-extras package to enable an ssl certificate you just add an ssl certificate to the listen line

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Serve entire web page in one hop

I m using keep-alive so i think the ssl handshake is more or less totally out but i hope to move to spdy soon so i don t really know how that helps after the initial handshake

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Lowest possible expected HTTPS latency?

Plus once spdy becomes more common ssl slow down won t really account for anything much

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Facebook javascript sdk working without ssl

If we assume that you live in a poor coverage area and your phone and your tower are constantly dropping the signal then re-establishing a spdy connection is no worse off than re-establishing a tcp connection modulo ssl handshake

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SPDY in context of mobile networks

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