A stateful app is one that stores information about what has happened or changed since it started running


Stateless apps don't expose any information about what has happened or changed since it started running

Kinds transactions faster

Quality Example

"In ejb3 there is no such thing as stateless is better than stateful session beans"

from question "Stateful Session Bean and HTTP Session"


"For certain kinds of transactions a stateless session may perform slightly faster than a stateful session"

from question "Difference between sessionfactory.openSession() and sessionfactory.openStatelessSession()?"


"Service to build drools knowledge and get session i prepared a stateless engine lighter than the stateful one"

from question "How to use drools in grails3 without any plugin?"


Quality Example
Service typically harder

"A stateful service is typically harder to develop and scale than stateless services"

from question "Meaning of the term "Stateful" in programming"


"But keep in mind that in many cases being stateful or not stateless is no problem and not all stateless applications are by definition better than stateful ones"

from question "What is the criteria for a web framework to be stateful"

"Or in short stateless is better than stateful"

from question "A circular dependency involving comparison functors"


"Do you have any situation where stateful is more appropriate than stateless"

from question "In what scenario is stateful better than stateless for the web?"


"While a lot of development has been done with stateless connections to solve most problems sometimes it s just simpler with stateful connections"

from question "What are the pitfalls of using Websockets in place of RESTful HTTP?"

Cluster often simpler

"Dealing with a stateless cluster is often simpler then dealing with a stateful cluster"

from question "App Server Clustering vs Terracotta"

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