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The strdup() function duplicates a string


A standard C function that returns the length of a string.



In this case strdup is better;and you don strlen actually copy the string returned by strtok you copy the pointer

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Split and Join strings in C Language

As i noted in comments however if you re willing to rely on posix s strdup then that s cleaner than strlen + malloc + and has the same semantics you take responsibility for freeing the memory allocated for the copy

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Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) in C

C strings are supposed to be nul-terminated and strlen doesn t account for this;perhaps using strdup would be better here

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Additionally if you have strdup then it is much more convenient than strlen + malloc + strcpy with identical result including the same obligation to free the allocated storage when you no longer need it

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How do I store my substring between strtok tokens in C?

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