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UIView is a class in the UIKit framework of iOS defines a rectangular area on the screen and the interfaces for managing the content in that area

4px larger object

Quality Example
Smaller frame

"I want to add a uiview of smaller frame as subviews to parental view but i am not getting the needed"

from question "How to add uiview as a subview to existing view"

4px larger

"Do i just create a new uiview that is 4px larger than the selected object and and make the selected view a subviews of it"

from question "IPhone SDK, selection Rectangle around a view"


"When using embed in - uiview the new view will be a bit bigger than the subviews"

from question "UIView border with fade or blur effect"


"The uiview is taller than the screen so in ib i pulled it out of the scroll view so i could see it all but i never moved it back to being a subviews of the scroll view"

from question "Dequeuing UICollectionViewCell while debugging crashes app"


Quality Example
More memory

"You are seeing a noticeable jump in interface response because subviews do in fact consume quite a bit of memory uiview are very expensive compared to their underlying calayers and as such calling -removesubview not only unloads stress from the gpu but also frees up more memory as the subviews is usually released afterwards"

from question "Why remove subview?"

Version definitely faster

"The subviews version is definitely faster since having the controls loose on the uiview took more like 2 seconds to update"

from question "Slow view with Autolayout enabled - lightning fast without"


"Though earlier uiview and uiscrollview have the same area after keyboard shown the blue uiview becomes smaller but its subviews button text fields is outside its area"

from question "Ios ipad uibutton irresponsive after keyboard show"

"Because the uiview is smaller it is going to crop out the larger subviews"

from question "Is it possible to add uiview with big frame into uiview with small frame"


"Change the contentsize of your scrollview.your uiview size and uiscrollview size is same if the uiscrollview contentsize is more than its subviews size then scroll will happen change the line overviewscroll setcontentsize cgsizemake screenframe.size.width screenframe.size.height-25"

from question "How to work through UIScrollView?"

"Of course uiscrollview can have more than one content view just as any uiview can have more than one subviews and this case it will be more difficult to render its layer"

from question "I want to generate a image of UIScrollView?"


"The issue is that once the alpha of the uiview is less than 1.0 i can see all the subviews sides and the one that gets me the most is the outline of an uiimageview can be seen that would otherwise not as it is the same colour as the uiview"

from question "Issue with a scrolling fading UIView and its subviews. How should I be doing it?"

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