Swing is the primary user-interface toolkit in Java and is shipped with the standard Java SDK


SWT: The Standard Widget Toolkit is a user interface library for Java maintained by the Eclipse Foundation


Quality Example

"Swing is the weaker of the gui technologies relating to accessibility in java compared to swt at any rate"

from question "Hear text (screenreader) when mouse hovers over a JMenu object in Java / Windows"


"In my opinion swing is easier to learn and to use but the results of swt are often nicer - you can often feel that a swing application behaves not completely right"

from question "A layout implementation such as Eclipse"


"Swt is more simple to use than swing especially if this is your first ui"

from question "Which library better for faster java application swt or swing?"

"Swt has a more platform-specific look about it but java ships with swing built-in there s no messing about with external libraries as with swt although the use of eclipse may make that much easier i still develop quite a bit of my stuff from the command line unfortunately"

from question "What should I choose SWT or Swing to program GUI in Java?"

Uglier api

"I find swt to be an uglier api than swing in general though but not really a deal breaker"

from question "A Java framework for online desktop application"


"Give swt a go the api is a lot simpler than swing"

from question "What to use for writing a user interface?"

"Even though i liked many design aspects of swt and it is simpler than swing imo swing is the one to learn because imo it has far far better documentation examples etc"

from question "How to separate program logic form design in swing and swt"


"Fixing bugs in swt is much harder than in swing most classes in swt are final or contain hostile checks in the constructor to make sure no one extends them the package is signed so you can t simply replace classes and so far i tried several times to compile swt from sources - and failed"

from question "Swing to SWT conversion: which disadvantages?"


"Is swt faster than swing"

from question "Compare SWT with SWING"

"Swt is claimed to be faster than swing although in modern versions swing is also fast enough"

from question "What's the best Java framework for developing user interfaces?"

Actually newer

"Also swt is actually newer and more actively maintained than swing"

from question "Swing vs JavaFx for desktop applications"

Simply easier

"So in my view using swing is simply easier unless you have more experience in swt"

from question "Developing a Standalone application with spring framework"


"Swt became slower than swing because it uses proxy to os widgets"

from question "When Graphics2D.fill() can work 10 times slower in SWT?"

Community smaller

"Swt community is smaller and it doesn t provide that many tools as swing does"

from question "Current java desktop blueprint / state-of-art?"


"In java if you want a graphic user interface you can use swt or swing and swing is better than swt"

from question "JAVA GUI graphic design"

More familiar

"I m not too eager for using swt though since i m more familiar with swing"

from question "Rich client platforms versus JavaFX 2 versus Swing"

Usually easier

"It can be hard to get the layuots exact the way you want in swt it s usually easier in swing"

from question "Swing versus SWT"

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