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A user interface pattern that allows for the display of multiple pages or elements with a navigation reference above, below, or to the side of the content


The toolbar tag is for issues relating to the configuration, design, and use of toolbars.



Search to each tabs in more than one toolbar

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How to give different toolbar settings to different tabs?

It s a simple drawer with standard actionbar classic detail with image going under the translucent status bar supposed to use collapsingtoolbarlayout to turn into a standard actionbar when scrolling up in this case it is non-standard actionbar i d call it a floating toolbar cause it doesn t expand to the full with of the screen and contains an already expanded searchview edittext fairly standard appbar with tabs list of issues that arise from leaving the single activity can t share viewmodel s between activities complex navigations which re-use parts already defined in another activity navigation graph have to be duplicated moved into a dedicated activity back navigation re-construction doesn t work between activities those are issues i want to avoid if possible but how do you guys manage these kind of situation on a single-activity with navigation component

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Single Activity with Navigation Component: how to handle different AppBar / Themes

Detect if at max width you ll probably want to check if the document s width is lesser than the screen width you can t do this with height however as the browser has reserved vertical space for tabs and toolbar and there is no way of getting the height of those

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Detect if browser window is maximized and at default (100%) zoom

Tabs are not visible images for you reference my toolbar is half visible expected actual broken toolbar toolbar is properly visible with fla icon tabs are not visible expected tabs are visible clearly learning and quiz actual tabs not visible in this picture

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TabLayout Not visible when using inside Appbar layout

In fact the tabs are not in the toolbar;the toolbar is just hidden

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Sliding Tabs in Toolbar using Material Design

Constantly changing tabs would make a ribbon too inefficient;if so using a menu bar and a single toolbar is more space efficient than a ribbon

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User Guideline or Example of Ribbon UI for Enterprise products

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