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TextMate is a text editor for Mac OS X.


Vim is a free and open-source modal text editor available for most major platforms



Stick with vim;textmate is a better emacs for macs though that won t help you with solaris

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Is it worth investing time in learning to use Emacs?

It s horses for courses personally i m much happier with textmate or vim and a nice cup of coffee but it s what feels more comfortable to you

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To IDE or Not? A beginner developer's dilemma

I like the idea of the of editing inside the terminal and like the key bindings of vim but the text highlighting in my vim is much worse than in textmate

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How can I get Vim to highlight syntax as well as textmate

Vim is more powerful and textmate is worth the price tag

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Vim vs Textmate

Vim offers coloration for diff files;if you d rather go graphical use macvim which is free or textmate not free

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How do I open a .diff file on a mac?

Fyi vim exhibits the same behaviour;textmate doesn t do syntax-checking at all

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How to prevent TextMate from "matching" //commented {( brackets (in Javascript)?

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