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Thin is an EventMachine-based web server written in Ruby for running Rack-based web apps.


A unicorn is a magical weaponized HTTP server for Ruby.



For example to implement rolling restarts in mongrel and thin you need quite a lot of steps in your deployment scripts;unicorn doesn t require as many steps but still significantly

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Which one of these is a better option to use alongside "latest rails" application? Mongrel, Thin, WEBrick and Passenger

I often use example in development to choose between unicorn and thin for my rails server

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What is a Procfile-based application

Jruby support - unicorn s a better choice than thin but it doesn t support jruby

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Thin vs Unicorn on Heroku

I m running unicorn which is about 40 faster than thin on celadon cedar

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Rails Performance Tuning for Production?

In production it is much better to use a more sophisticated server like phusion passenger or unicorn since they have better performance than thin mongrel or webrick

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How do you choose your HTTP server in Sinatra?

If you use thin and your code doesn t clear requests very quickly then you re in trouble - since heroku uses random routing requests will stack up on a blocked dyno even if there are free dynos;using unicorn seems better if you can handle the memory hit because free dynos s less likely that all of your forks will get slow requests at the same time

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Should I use thin or unicorn on Heroku Cedar

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