A tree is a widely-used data structure that emulates a hierarchical tree-like structure with a set of linked nodes.


A tree-like data structure used to hold an associative array, also called a Prefix Tree.

Efficient ternary sort

Quality Example

"Most likely a trie is more efficient and you didn t sort your dictionary and it doesn t use a binary tree or ternary tree"

from question "PHP - Most Efficient Dictionary Code"

Substantially more

"For cases where each node in the trie has most of its children used the trie is substantially more space efficient and time efficient than th ternary search tree"

from question "Tries versus ternary search trees for autocomplete?"

Better kind thing

Quality Example
More similar

"Recursive is usually used for traversal and binary search tree but this tree is more similar to trie of only 2 character in alphabet"

from question "Recursion Filling a Tree"


"A trie is better than a binary search tree for searching elements"

from question "Data structure for storing array of strings in a memory"

"A trie is better suited to this kind of thing because it lets you store your symbols as a tree and quickly parse it to match values or reject them"

from question "Hash a byte string"

Better binary

"The article says that a trie is better than binary tree as for a string of length m for trie it takes o m time and for binary tree it takes o m logn time"

from question "Storing keys in binary search tree"

Suffix advanced substrings

Quality Example

"A suffix tree is more or less an advanced trie here you can also search for any substrings in o c as for the trie"

from question "Typeahead / Incremental Search in java"


"A suffix tree has less dummy nodes than the suffix trie"

from question "Suffix tree and Tries. What is the difference?"


Quality Example
Usually faster

"Ps radix tree is usually faster and more compact then trie but suffers from the same side effects of trie comparing to hash tables though less significant of course"

from question "Finding k most common words in a file - memory usage"


"Use a radix tree wiki or trie wiki if you are concerned about performance.the radix tree is more memory efficient compared to a trie"

from question "How to search like LIKe operator in sql in hash map in java"


"The suffix tree is lighter and faster than the trie and is used to index dna or optimize some large web search engines"

from question "Trie vs. suffix tree vs. suffix array"

Admittedly more difficult

"Finally b+ tree is admittedly more difficult to implement than a trie it s more on a red-black tree level of complexity"

from question "Trie vs B+ tree"

More efficient

"Should i change my project to trie or is there any other good reasons where avl tree woud be more efficient than trie in case of phonebook"

from question "Efficient data structure for phone book"

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