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UIButton is a subclass of UIView for displaying buttons in iOS


UIControl is the base class for control objects such as buttons and sliders



You can create a custom uicontrol it has touchup event and put any kind of components on it;if the uibutton doesn t meet your need then you can make a custom uicontrol

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Add UIImageView to custom UIButton class

If uicontrol doesn t do what you want you ll need to roll your own event management;uibutton is a subclass of uicontrol

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Is there a base/utility class in UIKit with event handling built in?

A solution i ve used is a simple subclass of uicontrol which allows more customization than subclassing uibutton and less hassle than nsattributedstring et al

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To make label text as link

Uibutton uses the target-action design pattern through the methods inherited from uicontrol to send action messages to a target object;uibutton does not make use of the delegation design pattern

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What are the delegate methods available with uibutton

Sounds like you want to use some of the inherited uicontrol methods such as sendaction to forevent this offers even finer control than with uibutton

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Change label colors of a custom UIButton with multiple labels

Instead of working around the 1 label and image you get in a uibutton it s cleaner to start from scratch with a uicontrol and create your tiles

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Any point in subclassing UIButton to create a custom looking button?

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