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The UINavigationController class implements a specialized iOS view controller that manages the navigation of hierarchical content.


The UITabBarController class implements a specialized view controller that manages a radio-style selection interface



Uiviewcontroller or uinavigationcontroller which implement their user interface in their own viewdidload;you should create your view controllers in viewdidload of the uitabbarcontroller not in the viewdidappear

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MonoTouch: how to select initial view from TabBarController's multiple views

Embedding a uitabbarcontroller inside a uinavigationcontroller is not supported;apple has a careful hierarchy of container view controllers and a uitabbarcontroller must be the root of its view controller hierarchy

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Why is self.navigationController NULL when pushed from UITabBarController subviews

I am writing an app based on uitabbarcontroller which has more than 10 viewcontrollers with corresponding uinavigationcontroller

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Customizing the "More" list of UITabBarController tabs

As you have correctly done the uitabbarcontroller should not push a uiviewcontroller but a uinavigationcontroller;that uinavigationcontroller should have a rootviewcontroller

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Obj c, xcode making a view transition

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