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The UIPickerView class implements objects, called picker views, that use a spinning-wheel or slot-machine metaphor to show one or more sets of values


UITableView is a class used for displaying and editing lists of information on iOS



A uitableview is more suited to displaying a large number of choices;similar to above use a uipickerview inside a pop over

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How to accommodate 8 buttons in a UIAlertView

Uitableview is much more customizable than uipickerview

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Is it good to show a UIPickerView with only small data size?

If so rather than use a uitableview why not use a uipickerview also placed below above beside the labels;a uipickerview would accomplish the same thing only in a vertical representation

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Label outside of UITableViewCell updating for the cell currently on screen

The uipickerview is nothing more than a uiview with one or more uitableview and background and selector views

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Customize UIPickerView's Skin with images

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