Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET) is a multi-paradigm, managed, type-safe, object-oriented computer programming language


Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6) was the final COM-based version of the VB programming language and IDE, last updated in 2004

New features application

Quality Example
Better use

"If you don t already know vb6 there s little point in learning it now - your time could be put to much better use by learning c#"

from question "Load shortcut then close form automatically"

Better language

" is a better language than vb6 use its com capabilities to save you from writing endless sketchy vb6 code"

from question "VB 6.0 Binary Reading and Writing from VB.NET"

Application more

"Biggest of all is that adding new features to your vb6 application is more expensive than it would be if the application was in a better language like c# or"

from question "Risks around relying on Visual Basic 6.0 applications"


Quality Example
Result more

"Can i safely assume that result is more precise than vb6 and discard the vb6 result completely"

from question "Precision difference in VB6 and VB.NET"

Rubby easier

"Also developing enterprise application is such new languages java c# rubby is easier that vb6 because they rely on frameworks every body can write c# java code that function but it requires tricks good practices and some of imagination to write vb6 strong and rehusable code"

from question "What are the disadvantages of using Visual Basic 6?"

More feature rich

"Quite apart from the fact that the language is far more feature rich than vb6 the fact that you have developed in means that you have made extensive use of the .net class libraries including that you give as an example"

from question "Convert to vb6"

Version less

"Yes they are different but you can hardly say that the version is less capable than the vb6 version"

from question "Can We use the VB6 PictureBox in VB.NET?"

Certainly easier

"Getting your project migrated to is certainly easier when you keep the old vb6 controls"

from question "VbLeftJustify what is the .net version?"

Much more

" appears much more complex then vb6 and the learning curve is tough"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"


"I assume the same control in would be datagridview and i m fairly sure that you can probably make it look better than in vb6 but if you want really good looking ones you might want to look at thirdparty grid controls"

from question "Upgrading of datagrid from vb6 to"

"Fortunately finally ended all that and is completely pixel based you can still alter you viewport scaling but .net seems to handle that much better than vb6"

from question "VB6: How to switch to pixels instead of twips"

More strict

"None of the .net libraries are there and there are some syntax differences as is more strict than vb6 is"

from question "How to code in Visual Studio 6.0 without UI editor"

Tools more

"However i ve noticed that running the vb6 tools is becoming more and more painful over time so i m looking at the possibility of migrating this code to 2008"

from question "How do I migrate a VB6 ActiveX control to"

Lot easier

"Avoiding them by modifying vb6 is lot easier than fixing the issues in"

from question "What is VB6's native UI design pattern?"


"Especially as vb6 is becoming more and more of a distant memory and the language takes on a life of its own in conjunction with the core .net framework advancing"

from question "Left and Right vs. Substring() in VB.NET"

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