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UIViewController instance method that notifies the view controller that its view was added to a view hierarchy.


UIViewController instance method that notifies the view controller that its view is about to be added to a view hierarchy.



Use viewdidupdatelayout or viewdidlayoutsubviews if you need to perform layout adjustments in your controller but viewwillappear doesn t work for a weird situation such as a timing issue use viewdidappear is better done in a uiview subclass in my opinion

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Pressing back in navigationcontroller triggered update. But to update ignored tabbar

You should either use viewdidappear or add a slight delay before displaying the alert controller;viewwillappear is not a good location to present another view controller since the current one being presented is not yet in the window hierarchy and is also in a transition animation

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Creation of UIAlertController on ViewWillAppear gives warning

If you put your code in viewwillappear animated this should work;edit as per saphrosit s comment viewdidappear is an even better place to do this

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Send SMS iPhone

Edited after some development and many bugs i finished with this elegant solution that i am sure apple would not be happy to approve but i do not know that works from ios 10 to ios 12 when the searchbar is in the tableheaderview the above code can be called in viewwillappear but if it is in the navigationitem on ios 11 and above it should be called in viewdidappear

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Cannot change search bar background color

In this case viewdidappear behaves more like viewwillappear ..

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Why does viewDidAppear in UITabBarController exec before the view appears?

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