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Better slower server

Quality Example

"From my experience vmware 5 is faster than virtualbox 4.2 rc3 and has better smp performance"

from question "VMWare Player vs VMWare Workstation"

"In my experience i ve found that vmware seems to be faster than virtualbox although i don t have any hard data to back it up"

from question "Benchmark: VMware vs Virtualbox"


"Virtualbox is slower than vmware"

from question "Hadoop Hortonworks servers down"


"Fwiw i have never gotten freebsd to work properly under virtualbox perhaps if you need that you would be better off with vmware which does"

from question "A Development Machine in VirtualBox - (Debian-min vs ArchLinux vs recommend-one)"

"I am not sure if vmware server will be much better than virtualbox"

from question "Compiling and running cross-platform test environment"

Good free powerfull

Quality Example
Less powerfull

"Virtualbox free but less powerfull than vmware"

from question "What are some ways that I can develop C++ apps in Linux from a Windows workstation?"


"Even though vmware has been faster for me i still use virtualbox because it s good enough and is free and im cheap"

from question "Benchmark: VMware vs Virtualbox"


Quality Example

"Vmware has more features but costs 80 virtualbox on the other hand is more basic but is free for most users see virtualbox licensing faq for details"

from question "How can I test my web pages in Microsoft Internet Explorer on a Mac?"

"I really miss this feature on virtualbox because i find vmware to be bloated and it slows the host system down much more than virtualbox does"

from question "Enable hyper-V on Windows 2012"


"Im trying very hard to like virtualbox but so far i find it so much worse than vmware in so many ways"

from question "VirtualBox Fullscreen Host OS Toolbar still visible"

Much more stable

"However i found that vmware is much more stable full screen resolution much much better to handle the iphone connection via usb and i didn t have yet any crash when on virtualbox it s quite often"

from question "Rad Studio 10 and Mac OSX Sierra (virtualbox guest)"

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