WebClient is a class for .NET Framework applications that provides methods for sending and receiving data from a resource identified by a URI.


WebRequest is a abstract class in .NET Framework for making requests to URIs (including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and FILE protocols).

Simpler easier

Quality Example

"Webclient is simpler to use than webrequest"

from question "Communicating with the web through a C# app?"

Sometimes easier

"Webclient is sometimes easier to use than webrequest"

from question "Is WebRequest The Right C# Tool For Interacting With Websites?"


"A webclient is much easier than a webrequest"

from question "Using c# webrequest to interact with an mvc 3 website"


Quality Example
Just more

"Webrequest just offers you more functonality than webclient"

from question "Efficiently Upload Output to Server"

Simplier api

"To get the html instead of hardcoding it as above use the webclient class since it has a simplier api than webrequest"

from question "Jquery using c# webclient .net namespace?"


"Update i ve created a webhelper class that takes the place of webclient but provides more access to the necessary features of the underlying webrequest"

from question "WebClient UploadFile errors"


"Webclient is a shorter and more concise syntax but behind the scenes it uses a webrequest so in terms of performance it won t be faster it will be equivalent"

from question "C# - How to make a HTTP call"

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