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XCB, an "X-protocol C Binding", is a library for marshaling X Window System network protocol requests and responses


Xlib is a library used to communicate with X11 servers



N xlib vs xcb - i would recommend xlib over xcb if you re first starting out;xcb is more efficient but xcb s much more low-level and much more verbose think assembly language for the gui

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Creating a window manager for Linux

Xcb presents a more direct view of the protocol than xlib does so you often have to look at either the protocol specs or xlib source code to find out what the underlying protocol request is to find an equivalent

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XCB equivalent of XkbSetDetectableAutoRepeat

Xcb is simpler to use has a better response to a multithread environment but lacks documentation while xlib is a more dated complex tool better documented and fully implemented

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Is XCB ready for production use? Should I use Xlib instead?

In fact xcb was created precisely because xlib was too high-level masking too much underneath so it was easy to make mistakes and making it difficult or impossible to have full control;also xcb is not very old from an x perspective

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Modern ways to write a window manager

Xcb is lower level than xlib and allows you to minimise the number of round-trips to the x server leading to lower latency

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Xlib is old? do developers use xlib framework? It was developed in 1985

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